Charles Swann's Shirine

Things I’ve researched today


  • PTSD symptoms
  • Caffeine withdrawal symptoms
  • How fast would you bleed out if the carotid artery was slashed
  • Kitten allergies (as in allergies kittens might have)
  • Deerstalker hat patterns
  • What does a gun shot exit wound look like

Hello NSA, let me explain…I’m a writer. 

Until somone gives me a reason men are worth shit I see no reason not to advocate their extinction




Come on guys. Convert me


advocating the mass murder of all male humans

attempting to reinforce your cause’s righteousness with a gif of two men 


If you can replace the word “men” with, say, the word “Jews” or ”homosexuals” and you sound like a member of the Nazi party, you should probably rethink your ideology.

(Fonte: theroguefeminist, via bismexual-constitutionalist)